Welcome all Malaysian medical students! The Malaysian Medical Student Summit 2016 is the flagship event of MMl which aims to bring medical students from all around the world together.


    Our generation of medical students has seen a significant increase in medical schools and medical students, and accompanying it, a growing concern with regards to their futures as doctors. Multiple issues such as their training during the Housemanship period, availability within the Government sector and others leave many questions unanswered for many medical students at this point of time.


     However, after reflecting on ourselves as students, we accept that there is an absence of coherence and positive activism amongst Malaysian medical students as well as a lack of understanding of the actual medical climate. We believe that this is partially due to the lack of a proper and reliable source of information amongst all medical students about such issues, and we, here at MMI, are determined to meet that need.


     It is to that end that we have decided to organize this summit. The summit will provide a platform for key policy makers to interact and educate medical students about such issues as well as allow medical students to have the opportunity to pose questions and clarify doubts with key figures in the Ministry of Health.


     We believe that with access to a credible source of information regarding their futures in medicine in Malaysia, medical students will be better prepared to face the upcoming challenges as well as become more proactive in resolving the issues that we face as a country, with regards to our healthcare.


     It is, thus, our hope that you will join us in our endeavor to unite and educate medical students in Malaysia.


Vikkineshwaran Siva Subramaniam

MMSS2016 Chief Convener

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