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KLB 1s

Malaysia’s healthcare system has gone through several waves of reformation since our Independence in 1963. Some are great, some are less ideal but all has contributed towards the healthcare Malaysians are enjoying today. But, is this the best we can do? Or, is the best yet to be? Through this lecture, participants will learn about the up-and-coming transformations that will happen to the current system, in order to provide excellent, affordable and accessible healthcare to all Malaysians.

KLB 2s

There are many different type of healthcare systems in the world. As much as we would like to ignore or to know more about it, we live in the systems and it influences the choices we make when we are seeking for medical services. Malaysia has a system which provides services to Malaysia with a fee as low as RM1.00 (when a cardiac surgery can easily cost thousands). How is the government sustaining this? Is it sustainable or should we go for another form of healthcare?

KLB 3s

When we are working in the hospital, helping patient after patient, it may be hard to get the big picture of how this occupation can help the society, or how can we bring more good to more people during our lifetime. But there are still many doctors who have surpassed and started initiatives that saved the lives of many, sometimes even beyond the border of Malaysia. This will be the story of a superhero doctor living among us. Stay tuned.

KLB 4s

From housemanship training to specialization pathway, there have been many changes that will affect the future of doctors in Malaysia or those who are trained overseas, and are intending to come back. In order to achieve our aspirations, which exams should we take? Which pathway should we follow? Through this lecture, participants will learn about the whole picture of this changing landscape and what to look out in the future.

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