Both oral and poster competition will be carried out at the same time during the research symposium. This would be on the second day of the Summit. Participants are allowed to present in either one or both. If opting for both, participants are allowed to use the same research or submit 2 different researches.

deadlines competition

How to participate?

1. Compile the results from the research that you have completed or the latest results if you are currently working on one.

2. Arrange them according to the format you would like to present them. You can either choose to present them in the form of poster presentation, oral presentation (powerpoint slides) or both.

3. Complete the application form below by 31st May 2016.

4. Shortlisted participants will then be notified at least 2 weeks before the summit to prepare for the presentation.


Why Join?

1. Stand a chance to present your work to reputable judges and fellow colleagues.

2. Boost your CV.

3. The selected best abstracts will be featured in the supplement issue of the International Journal of Medical Students (IJMS)*. 



Abstract Submission

1. Research work can be of various form ranging from clinical trials, surveys, audits, retrospective studies, case reports, laboratory experiments, literature review or other forms of unpublished original work. 

2. Abstract MUST contain Title, Background (Introduction, Objectives/Aims), Methods, Results and Conclusion. 

3. Abstract MUST be written in complete sentences using past tense, active verbs and third person. Abbreviation should be avoided. 

4. Abstract should not include any citations of literature. 

5. Abstract submission can either be for poster or oral competition.

6. Abstract submission must be in English. 

7. No limits imposed to the number of abstract submitted by individuals however each research can have only a maximum of 6 authors. 

8. Upon submission, abstract will be reviewed by a committee and participants will be notified if their abstracts are selected at least two weeks prior to the summit, giving participants time to prepare for a presentation during the summit. 

9. Shortlisted participants need to purchase the summit ticket in order to present them. 

10. Deadline for submission has been extended to 6th of June!.


Research Presentation 

1. For poster presentation, posters must be printed in A1 size. 

2. Participants must present their abstract during the summit to the delegates and judges.  

3. Participants are given 7 minutes to present their work (poster/oral presentation) to judges.

4. Results will be announced during the summit and prizes and certificates will be awarded to the top 3 winners in both the oral and poster category.


Research Presentation Application form

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*Only the abstracts from the presentation will be featured in the IJMS Supplement issue. This will be selected by the IJMS committee. For publication of full original research articles in the main IJMS this has to be done individually. Click here to learn more about the submission and selection criteria for the IJMS