What is a research poster?
An illustrated abstract; NOT a full research paper
Serve to summarise a huge amount of information collected from research

What makes a good poster?

1.Title is short and draws interest
2. Less wordy

i. Word count of about 300-800 words
ii. Clear and concise points
ii. Using bullets and numbering to make information clear

3. Visually appealing

i. Simple, effective data display (utilise graphics [graphs, tables], colour and font )
ii. Small blocks of supporting text (to describe your diagrams)
iii. Consistent and clean layout

What software can you use to make a poster?

1. Powerpoint

i. popular, easy to use option

2. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign

i. feature rich professional software; good for posters including lots of high resolution images

3. Open Source Alternatives

i. Open Office (free alternative to MS Office)
ii. Inscape and Gimp (alternatives to Adobe)
iii. Gliffy or Lovely Charts (for charts and diagrams)

Remember Poster size is A1.